10 Anime Martial Artists Who Could Give Shang-Chi A Run For His Money

10 Anime Martial Artists Who Could Give Shang-Chi A Run For His Money

The MCU branched out into the world of Chinese mythology and martial arts with the hit movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and the MCU’s newest hero, Shang-Chi himself, is a formidable addition to the pantheon of live-action comic heroes. Among other things, he is a highly skilled and well-trained martial artist.

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Shang-Chi fought many powerful foes in his debut movie, from sparring with his younger sister Xialing to ultimately battling his father in the land of Ta Lo. Given the chance, Shang-Chi would gladly test himself against martial artists from other movies and TV series in barehanded combat, and that includes the world of Japanese anime, which boasts plenty of martial artists who are roughly on Shang-Chi’s level. He won’t need the ten rings—his fists will do the talking.

10 Izumi Curtis Knows A Few Moves (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Some anime martial artists also have other talents, such as Izumi Curtis’ skill as an alchemist, but she and Shang-Chi could fight evenly as bare-handed warriors, without needing alchemy or the ten rings to complicate things. They would both enjoy this sparring session.

Izumi Curtis doesn’t identify strongly as a warrior compared to Shang-Chi, but her skills are real, and she taught the Elric brothers how to fight. Izumi could definitely give Shang-Chi a real workout in their bout, and they would learn a lot from each other.

9 Captain Soi Fon Is Deadly Even Bare-Handed (Bleach)

Most Soul Reapers fight primarily with their zanpakuto, or soul-cutting swords, but there are some exceptions. Some Soul Reapers fight mostly with kido spells, and Captain Soi Fon of squad 2 is a trained assassin who can dispatch her targets with a variety of techniques.

If asked, Soi Fon would agree to a friendly but intense training session with Shang-Chi, and she would challenge him with her ultra-quick moves and fluid fighting style. She can deliver powerful kicks and punches to knock out foes many times her size. Shang-Chi had better keep his guard up.

8 Rock Lee Would Give Anything To Meet Shang-Chi (Naruto)

rock lee protecting naruto

Taijutsu can’t create fireballs or illusions the way other jutsu can, but taijutsu still has its uses, and characters like Rock Lee push their taijutsu to the maximum. In fact, Rock Lee can’t use jutsu at all, so he mastered taijutsu alone. For him, physical conditioning is the only way to become an elite shinobi.

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Rock Lee is a tough but friendly fighter who’d be delighted to meet Shang-Chi as an equal and spar with him. Both warriors would greatly enjoy their match, and Shang-Chi would learn exactly how powerful the Hidden Lotus can be.

7 Mirio Togata Needs To Keep His Skill Sharp (My Hero Academia)

mirio mha

Mirio Togata used to rely partially on his Permeation Quirk to get the edge on his foes, but he lost it during his battle with Overhaul the villain. Still, Mirio isn’t discouraged. He can still rely on his incredible physique, advanced technique and his strong intuition in a fight.

Even without Permeation, Mirio can fight on par with most Pro Heroes, and he could hold his own against Shang-Chi in a proper hand-to-hand duel. Mirio would definitely recognize Shang-Chi as a Pro Hero in his own right, and Shang-Chi would be inspired to sharpen his own battlefield intuition for future battles.

6 Bacchus Groh Is A Melee Wizard (Fairy Tail)

bacchus groh fairy tail

In the world of Fairy Tail, wizards come in all shapes and forms, and so do their magic. Not all wizards use a staff or spellbook to fight — some, such as Elfman Strauss and Bacchus Groh, use their fists to fight, and enhance their strength with magic.

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Bacchus, who belongs to the Quatro Cerberus guild, took part in the Grand Magic Games tournament and very nearly defeated Elfman with his incredible technique and well-honed skills and magic. Shang-Chi would be pushed to the limit against such a foe.

5 Benimaru Shinmon Is Powerful, Even Without Flames (Fire Force)

Fire Force_ Shinmon Benimaru

Captain Benimaru Shinmon is at his best when he fights with his ignition abilities, but even without his flames, he is a formidable fighter, stronger than anyone in company 1. He trained Shinra and Arthur to hone not just their flame abilities, but also their melee combat skills.

Benimaru is a wildly talented and well-trained martial artist, and he could take on Shang-Chi as an equal without needing any fire at all. After the sparring match, Benimaru would treat Shang-Chi to a cup of sake as a friend and fellow warrior.

4 Tanktop Master Will Gladly Fight Shang-Chi (One-Punch Man)

Some members of the Tank Topper Army are petty bullies, but not the boss, Tanktop Master. This brawny hero is S-rank, meaning he is an elite warrior, and he can take on monsters many times his size and survive. He’s ready for his next challenge: Shang-Chi.

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Tanktop Master might have Shang-Chi beat in brute strength, but Shang-Chi has mastered many tricky and fluid moves that would keep him in the fight, and he could avoid most of Tanktop Master’s blows. Still, this fight wouldn’t be an easy one, no matter who won.

3 Aoi Todo Fights Up Close (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen's Aoi Todo.

Jujutsu sorcerers use their curse energy in a wide variety of techniques, from Megumi Fushiguro’s dogs to Nobara’s nails and even pistols, but Aoi Todo fights curses the old-fashioned way — with his bare hands. He is an experienced melee fighter who is much quicker than most foes expect him to be.

Aoi would happily spar with Shang-Chi, but not before asking Shang-Chi what his ideal woman is like. Shang-Chi might not have an answer, but his fighting style would be a fine answer for Aoi’s fierce attacks, and this would be a bitter and drawn-out battle, to say the least.

2 Manjiro Sano, AKA Mikey, Ain’t Afraid Of Shang-Chi (Tokyo Revengers)

tokyo revengers mikey defeats kazutora

Mikey is a tough-talking delinquent, and at age 15, he led Toman, the most fearsome youth gang in all of Tokyo. He is an eccentric boy who is sometimes goofy and other times brutal, and he is widely recognized as a fearsome fighter in any turf battle.

Mikey has experience and training with martial arts, unlike some of his fellow delinquents, and he has strength, endurance and reflexes far beyond his years. He would stand a real chance against Shang-Chi in a fistfight, and Shang-Chi would definitely remember the Toman name after this clash.

1 Tsukasa Shishio Is The Primate High Schooler (Dr. Stone)

Tsukasa Hair Blowing In The Wind

Most major characters in Dr. Stone emphasize science and craftsmanship, but there are still plenty of talented warriors, from Kohaku to Hyoga to Tsukasa Shishio. Before the petrification wave hit, Tsukasa was renowned as the world’s toughest high school student, and he never lost in his UFC matches.

Tsukasa is strong and durable for his age, and he can kill lions barehanded if he must. He has plenty of skill and experience to refine his raw strength, and he could keep up with Shang-Chi in a barehanded fight.

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