Artist Kim KHALITOV  at ‘Will you bury me?’ exhibition

Artist Kim Khalitov at 'Will you bury me?'

Artist Kim KHALITOV at ‘Will you bury me?’ exhibition

An exhibition of recent paintings by abstract artist Kim Khalitov – imposing canvases reflecting his relentless attention to structure, form and colour – will open at the Atticus Arts Gallery on September 4, 2023.

Kim is a meticulous craftsman who creates his own colours from pure pigment and heated beeswax and applies each shade multiple times in parallel stripes on canvas. This technique gives his paintings formal intelligence, depth of colour and captivating energy.

In these new paintings, colour and structure are the reference points from which Kim’s geometric painting style is repelled. The edges of its diagonal stripes are saturated with colour; they gradually give way to other patterns – triangles, parallelepipeds and zigzag patterns of different widths.

Even without a narrative, Kim’s paintings evoke social commentary, as evidenced by their titles, such as You Can Do Anything!, If You Have Enough Money or Time Peaks. The artist is obviously politically aware. However, he does not name the paintings until they are finished. There is always something behind these names. Pictures dictate the titles, but the titles do not define the pictures.

From creating his own materials to carefully planning intricate drawings and painstakingly applying dozens of layers to each painting over so many weeks, emotion accompanies the artistic process. Kim’s canvases invite the viewer to share with the artist transcendent concentration, exhausting effort and ecstatic appreciation of the visions embodied in sublime works of art.

The exhibition Will you bury me? by Kim Khalitov can be seen until 8 October, 2023 at Atticus Arts Gallery (11a Queen Street, Bath).

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