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Artist Kirill Shatrov at Look and See exhibition

Calm rationality is at the core of each item of the exhibition Look and See. Each piece can evoke an expressive reaction in the viewer: shimmering silver-grey spray paint and multi-coloured masking tape; mathematical precision and improvisation; spontaneous squares; and the calligraphic quality of controlled emotions. The installation and its variety of interpretations begin to dance in the mind while the physical object remains motionless.

His interest in visual transformation characterises Kirill Shatrov’s art. The medium used by the author is irrelevant. Whether it is a painting, an object, a site-specific installation, or an artwork in a public space, his creative manipulation of simple, functional materials transforms the act of looking into an act of seeing.

The exhibition Look and See by Kirill Shatrov can be seen until 27 August, 2023 at Atticus Arts Gallery (11a Queen Street, Bath).

About Atticus Arts Gallery

ATTICUS brings a fresh perspective – through championing artists from all corners of the globe. Focusing on artists at the height of their practice, the gallery showcases their work through a diverse programme of exhibitions and events.

Along with other projects of the Curtis Foundation, ATTICUS specialises in promoting art from Europe and its neighbours to introduce a greater understanding of the rich linguistic, religious and historical ties that connect these areas to international audiences. The gallery is further expanding to support artists working in digital art through its online platform.

The gallery provides a varied programme across practices such as sculpture, photography, painting, video, performance and virtual reality, as well as its programme of Tuesday Talks, which address themes and ideas surrounding the gallery’s exhibitions. Artist catalogues and books are also on offer.

In 2023, ATTICUS gallery launched the Window Project, which utilises the gallery’s façade – home page – as an additional platform for displaying art. On our online platform we present a camera flyby inside the gallery space. This is a separate exhibition that is constantly presented in video format at the home page of the gallery website. The initiative has been repurposed to support graduates from various art schools through open-call competitions, which take place a few times a year. Art Schools are among the renowned institutions that ATTICUS has partnered with for this.

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