Artist Sergey Levitskiy at ‘Around myself’ exhibition

Sergey Levitskiy

Artist Sergey Levitskiy at ‘Around myself’ exhibition

Atticus Arts Gallery presents an exhibition by Sergey Levitskiy, the artist’s first personal project in the UK.

Sergey Levitskiy (b.1971) is an artist who explores space, time and the underlying principles of art in his work. He excels equally in painting, sculpture, printing and handmade paper techniques. He also creates at the intersection of various art forms and constantly develops new techniques. Levitskiy has already gained fame in the international art scene and is an iconic Russian artist.

Sergey Levitskiy understands art as a mechanism of time. The modern artist is a connecting element in the context of historical periods. In his works, he explores his personal perception of time and space, creating images of landscapes and engaging with classical art and its intersection with modern art.

The exhibition will showcase a few painting series by Sergey Levitskiy that weave together a complex narrative with various branches that ultimately form a cohesive whole.

The exhibition Around Myself  by Sergey Levitskiy can be seen until 30 October, 2023 at Atticus Arts Gallery (11a Queen Street, Bath).

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