Francesca Page: Ocean art meets photography – Oceanographic

Francesca Page: Ocean art meets photography – Oceanographic

OM: One particular of your pictures – the just one of the eagle ray –

OM: One particular of your pictures – the just one of the eagle ray – won the Nationwide Geographic Traveller competitors. How did this photograph come to exist? Convey to me a small much more about the back tale powering this shot.

FP: This photograph was taken in Cocos Island, Costa Rica on a wild dive crammed with everyday living, sharks and rays. It was toward the finish of an epic dive and the group I was in started out to ascent for our safety quit. As I was staring into the dim blue abyss of Cocos Island, quickly a gorgeous spotted eagle ray soared overhead. Her star-kissed wings moved in a wave-like movement as she gracefully flew into the darkish depths down below. With no even thinking, I commenced to comply with her, losing all monitor of time and depth I was mesmerised by her beauty. As I was getting this picture, my dive pc commenced to beep at me frantically, devoid of realising she experienced taken me down with her. I mentioned my last goodbyes as I little by little began to return to the team over. I viewed her till all you could see have been small white stars glimmering in the twilight zone down below.

OM: How can your pictures and art aid foster ocean conservation?

FP: Artwork in any sort can capture the imagination, tying moments in the viewer’s personalized background to the existing. Ocean art opens the empathy door, inviting you into a earth you could not have yet explored or taking you to a place in your intellect you have not investigated nonetheless. Art will help to provoke feeling and enthusiasm which I imagine is the foundation to taking the initial ways into anthropogenic consciousness.

‘Once you enjoy some thing you will do just about anything to guard it.’

Images performs an significant purpose in my artwork and I see the two the great importance of photographs and paintings in connecting the viewer and taking part in on their heart strings to aid make that relationship desired to convey about modify. When I am out in the area, no matter whether that is diving into the blue with sharks or checking out the magic observed on land, pictures is these an critical resource for me to use to assist capture these special times.

Diving into the ocean and looking at the wonders found beneath the waves is some thing only a compact percentage of the human populace has seasoned. As an underwater artist, I have the beautiful and special ability to link people today to the magic observed in the ocean. Permitting men and women to obtain that robust relationship from the ease and comfort of the land devoid of getting their feet wet. Even while I strongly believe that the greatest connection is to knowledge it for your self, I am informed this is not feasible for several men and women. My operate can act as gateway to the infinite worlds, everyday living and beauty observed in the ocean.

Partaking with a great operate of art can hook up you to your senses, physique and brain. It can make the entire world be felt. And this, in convert, sparks considering, action and modify. Art can support you obtain that link, enthusiasm and that electricity to wanting to secure it.