It’s time to see the Fabriano Artist’s Paper! Everything you need to get creative.

It’s time to see the Fabriano Artist’s Paper! Everything you need to get creative.

The issue has not been debated. It is impossible to resist a blank sheet of paper if you are an artist! Drawing, doodling, or sketching on good quality paper is a natural instinct for every artist. Would you like to paint? A variety of paints can be used on paper, including watercolors, acrylics, gouache, pastels, and oil paints. Is printmaking an option? Nothing to worry about. Fabriano offers high quality papers at a reasonable price for all of these mediums.

We’ll take a closer look at Artsavingsclub’s Fabriano paper selection.

Familiarizing yourself with Fabriano Paper

The Fabriano paper company has been manufacturing fine quality paper for many years. They have a multi-media paper range that I was very impressed with in the past. Art Savings Club offers a variety of sample test packs, so I obtained a few of those to see what was available. Explore the Fabriano Test Pack selection to find the one that suits you best.

Drawings and paintings on paper

The first thing that comes to mind is watercolor paper. Poor quality paper can make watercolor difficult to work with. It is important to use high-quality paper for the final product. Focus on your painting after you’ve acquired an artist’s quality paper.

Watercolor paper is manufactured by Fabriano in a variety of types. Surfaces can be hot pressed or cold pressed, and paper can be hot pressed or cold pressed. There are cotton-based papers and cellulose-based papers. We use acid-free, archival quality papers. You should test a few before selecting one.

I prefer cold pressed 300g paper for loose paintings. The texture is slightly rough and toothy. When it comes to precision and detail, hot-pressed paper may be a better choice. For the picture below, I used Artistico 300g cotton paper that is also archival quality. It is a very high-quality paper, and I am very pleased with it.

Various sizes and shapes of this paper are available in sheets, rolls, or pads.

The acrylic, gouache, and oil mediums

Following acrylics are oils and acrylics. With a grain similar to fine canvas, Pittura 400g paper is perfect for acrylics. Furthermore, this paper is extremely resistant to buckling due to its extra weight. There is no need to worry about painting on it.

Can oils be used? There is a unique linen texture to the Tela range of paper. Feel for yourself how similar it is to linen canvas. A special primer is applied to both sides of the paper before it can be painted with oil paint.

It is very easy to transport paintings painted on this paper because it is very light. Perfect for sending around the world to your collectors. Having several painting surfaces on hand without the expense and bulk of canvases is also beneficial, and you don’t have to frame the painting with glass.

You can paint with gouache on Fabriano’s multi-media paper. The 250g weight of this paper makes it a great all-arounder.

Drawing Media and Pastels

From traditional sticks to pencils, pastels come in so many varieties. You can also find Fabriano pastel papers to meet your pastel painting needs. Try Tiziano paper if you want a toned paper. There are a variety of toned colors on this 160g paper, and it has a nice tooth that helps hold pastels. As well as graphite and colored pencils, it can handle Conte crayons as well.

Fabriano Toned 120g paper was used to paint this pastel painting by Antonia Dewey.

The 200g Accademia range is perfect for precision drawing. Drawing with confidence is made easier with this fine-grained and solid paper. A graphite pencil pirate is shown below, created on Academia paper. It is also ideal for drawing with soft pencils or Conti crayons. For a master draftsperson, this 90g paper is suitable.

The printing process

Printmaking techniques like etching, lithography, and letterpress can be accomplished with the Fabriano Tiepolo range. A lovely satin texture is present on this 290g cotton paper. It comes in a 250g weight that can be used for all printmaking techniques. It has a luxurious texture and contains 50% cotton.

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