ONLINE: The Art and Beauty of Intentional Camera Movement Photography – Isthmus

ONLINE: The Art and Beauty of Intentional Camera Movement Photography – Isthmus

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Feb 17: The Art and Elegance of Intentional Digicam Movement (ICM) Images, by Stephanie Johnson

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Be part of ICM and Landscape Photographer Stephanie Johnson as she shares her ICM work and talks about her journey from traditional landscape photographer to focusing primarily on ICM photography. Stephanie has a deep enjoy, pleasure, and enthusiasm for the separately expressive mother nature of ICM and encourages photographers to ‘see factors differently’ by way of the lens of their cameras, as nicely as through the lens of their internal imaginative selves.

ICM images permits photographers to categorical their creativeness uniquely by the building of images that reveal it is not necessary to vacation to all the legendary grand-scale landscapes in purchase to produce beautifully creative perform with the digital camera. ‘The Artwork and Beauty of ICM Pictures’ is that by viewing points otherwise, we can link with the ordinary, and even the mundane, to remodel how we interact with our environment…to examine, experiment, and enjoy with the digicam in exciting new approaches, resulting in pictures that are special to just about every specific photographer.

This communicate will go over some of the standard ICM ideas and strategies, along with sample illustrations or photos to display the outcomes of various digicam movements and the digital camera configurations for every. Moreover, numerous illustrations displaying scenes right before and right after employing ICM will be shared.

Stephanie will also discuss about her ongoing global ICM project, ICM Pictures Journal, and how this venture and its extensions are celebrating ICM photographers and bringing recognition to the artwork of ICM all-around the planet.

About Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie is a self-taught photographer, both as an summary ICM (intentional camera motion) and as a conventional landscape photographer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts diploma and graduate get the job done in English Literature and has normally experienced a incredibly strong emotional relationship to the organic earth. Stephanie has a deep passion for capturing the fluid nature of landscapes by imagery and the published word. She delivers an inter-related and intuitive strategy to her pictures-as-artwork to generate not just frozen times in time, but to visually specific the essence of light-weight, coloration, sort, line, texture, temper, emotion, and much more. Her individual vision is one particular that integrates creativity in the field with ethical habits towards the purely natural ecosystem.

For Stephanie, the elegance of daily life is that we can search out through the lens of our actual physical eyes and see a apparent, focused eyesight of the entire world about us, but we can also seem out via the lens of our internal eyes and see additional summary impressions and blurred lines that are distinctive to every of us in specific strategies, in a lot the identical way ICM images and literature have the energy to elicit these identical types of personal responses. This altered vision of the environment connects us more the natural way to the surroundings and to each other as we get started to see how all daily life flows alongside one another into the exact energetic stream, and it is Stephanie’s desire is to make abstract expressions that converse to the fluid character of this energetic stream which compel viewers to make much more significant connections in their possess lives.

Stephanie is the Founder, Creator, and Publisher of ICM Pictures Magazine a to start with-of-its-variety e-magazine dedicated only to that includes ICM pictures, content articles, opinions, interviews, strategies, and tutorials, by ICM photographers and artists all-around the earth, in a quarterly element packed electronic structure.

The earlier 5 many years of Stephanie’s photographic profession has been devoted to ICM function, and she has a strong drive to create a greater group all over it…1 that will also assistance give publicity and voice to other photographers who have been dedicated to perfecting their individual ICM tactics, irrespective of whether that be strictly in-digicam get the job done, in-digital camera function coupled with traditional submit-processing tactics, or ICMs in mix with innovative write-up processing, such as textures, innovative filters, and impressionistic renderings.

Stephanie also collaborates with Finnish photographer Kaisa Siren and Scottish photographer Morag Paterson to co-direct and co-mentor a continuous learning membership community, which is an extension of the ICMPhotoMag undertaking. Also, they provide on line workshops and particular person mentoring classes to aid ICM photographers study far more about them selves, to nurture their creative imagination and artistic vision, and to encourage them to consider more conceptually in the evolution of their ICM journeys.

Stephanie’s own site can be discovered at