Opinion: Dance should be considered a sport

Opinion: Dance should be considered a sport

HS journalism: It gives opposition, normally takes several abilities and has a risk of personal

HS journalism: It gives opposition, normally takes several abilities and has a risk of personal injury

The Xavier Dance Workforce and Xavier Mini Dance Staff conduct during halftime of the sophomore game between Cedar Rapids Washington and the Saints at Xavier o Sept. 24. (Cliff Jette/Freelance)

CEDAR RAPIDS — With the entire world of sporting activities continuing to extend, most recognize the major names.

Numerous famous athletes come from the heavy hitting sports activities, this kind of as LeBron James in basketball or Aaron Rodgers in American soccer.

This begs the question — what is thought of a sport and why? What are the specifications to classify as a activity?

Must dance be considered a sport?

To start off answering these issues, a different query has to be asked — what is

the definition of a activity?

In accordance to the dictionary, a activity is outlined as “an athletic action necessitating talent or physical prowess and frequently of a competitive mother nature …” Based on this definition, does dance rely?

In accordance to a poll on discussion.com, 77 p.c of folks connect with dance a sport even though 23 per cent contact it an art kind.

Why do most take into account it to be a sport? Sam Meyers, freshman and sophomore football coach at Xavier Higher School, thinks “dance is a activity since they’re competing against other teams and functioning with each other.”

Dance also fits the definition of a sport simply because it requires skill, actual physical prowess and becoming competitive. Dance needs expertise on and off the phase, like stretching before a levels of competition so a muscle mass is not pulled during efficiency, and mimicking actions that are an art form.

Dancers have a great deal of talent in their arsenal and dance is bodily demanding. Amongst holding up a healthful way of living while balancing the vitality exerted and continuing to give all of their bodies to the craft.

Dance can be really aggressive, from recitals to regional and national competitions. Whether or not the competitors is concerning the particular person and them selves or a few opposing groups, dance fits this definition of activity.

According to Lancaster.com, “Dance matches this criterion of a activity consequently, dancers equally really should be revered as athletes and dance revered as a activity. Dance is athletic, needs intense exercise, is aggressive and brings with it a likelihood of finding injured.”

Sports activities have shaped our world these days and with new things to do taking their sites as respective sports activities, dance ought to be up there as properly.

As is reported just before any general performance, depart it all on the stage.