Venues keep rolling with virtual performances

Venues keep rolling with virtual performances

As more venues plan for re-opening, many arts organizations will return to a sole focus on in-person performances. But some institutions that have streamed their productions have already seen the benefit in reaching a wider audience through the small screen, and plan on incorporating virtual performances permanently. Recording productions allows organizations to keep performance video for posterity, as well as offer archived recordings for educational purposes. And streaming allows organizations to raise funds through viewing fees or donations. Plus, that additional accessibility has meant shows can finally be seen and enjoyed by those who were previously not able to attend due to distance, physical limitation, or financial reasons. DCMTA has compiled a listing of these ongoing productions, and made notes when those productions will also be performed live on stage. The following listing details current online offerings from the DMV area, with the most recent update at 9 PM on September 20, 2021.

This list includes plays, play readings, radio plays, and concerts only. If you are interested in theater-related podcasts, please see the DCMTA article ‘Theatre-related Podcasts Gain Popularity.’

1st Stage is thrilled to announce web series Duck Harbor, the clever, humorous, and heartwarming story of long-distance love in later life. The piece is brought to audiences through a creative and innovative series of short scenes in which the actors, just like the characters, are meeting for the first time. Audiences can experience the magic of the theater and the excitement of new love between these two lonely hearts reaching out from charming small towns on opposite sides of the country. Every week, each of the two actors, who live on opposite coasts, were given only their half of the script and experienced the other side of the story with a sincere and genuine freshness, live, in front of our audience. 1st Stage was delighted to welcome back renowned playwrights E. M. Lewis and Bob Bartlett, who collaborated on this unique and exciting piece.

More event info is available at the 1st Stage website. 1st Stage is also offering courses for children, young adults, and adults, taught by experts in the field. Register on their website.

You can find info about all 4615 Theatre Company on their website. They also have events on their facebook video page. Please donate on their site.

Adventure Theatre MTC has many events running through their facebook page. ATMTC is also offering online classes. You can find more information on their website. Please consider making a donation.

African-American Collective Theater offers “OUT & ABOUT,” an online festival of LGBTQ+ themed, play readings. All productions are available to stream now – check their website for details.

You can find info about all AmaZing Theatre Company productions on their website.

American Pops Orchestra presents One Voice: The Songs We Share. The two inaugural episodes, Broadway and Sacred, are available now. The company also streams We Are Family: Songs of Hope and Unity.

Find out about all events on their website. And please donate to APO here.

American Shakespeare Center has become a dual citizen of the physical and digital worlds. Celebrated by the Wall Street Journal—”these webcasts effortlessly convey the joyous experience of watching Shakespeare performed in Blackfriars Playhouse…let ASC take your mind off your troubles as you commune at home with theater’s supreme genius.” Current titles include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Othello, Twelfth Night, and A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol: Need a little more Christmas Spirit? Marley, the three Christmas ghosts, and Tiny Tim are all back to take Scrooge on the ride of his money-grubbing life once again.

Twelfth Night: Shipwrecked Viola is in love with Orsino… who is in love with Olivia … who is in love with Cesario … who is secretly Viola disguised as a man.  In a world turned upside down, what could possibly go wrong (or right?).

Othello: If truth has lost its meaning, how long can love survive?  Evil is everywhere in Shakespeare’s great tragedy of racism and jealousy, as the love of Othello and Desdemona is destroyed by envy, and fact is twisted by innuendo.  You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat as the deadly machinations unfold.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: ASC’s New-Orleans-flavored production of Shakespeare’s magical comedy wades into a bayou of masked hobgoblins, enchanting nymphs, and imps who sing the blues.

Tickets for all American University events are available here. To stay up to date on performances and events, join the AU Arts mailing list and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

You can find info about all Arena Stage events on the Arena Stage website. Please donate to the Roaring Back Fund to help Arena recover from the shutdown.

AAC is offering multiple workshops, classes, and activities for kids on their website.

ArtsCentric is offering virtual shows – all info is available on their website.

You can find out about all Arts on the Green events on their website.

Visit to register.

You can find info about any online events on the Center Stage website.

The BSO has created the BSO OffStage online platform. Visit their website and social media platforms for more information.

Best Medicine Rep presents their Free Play Reading series online.

September 20, 2021, 7pm
written by Amy Dellagiarino
directed by Becca Gibson
On the day of The Great Metamorphosis, four members of The Order wake up to realize they may have gotten more than they signed up for. A dark comedy about the need to belong. This reading will take place on a virtual platform. Email us at [email protected] for the link.

November 1, 2021, 7pm
written by Ken Levine
directed by John Morogiello
What’s going on at five after four in the morning? Lots of hilarious antics! A series of short scenes, all set at the same early hour. A new play by BMR favorite Ken Levine. This reading will take place on a virtual platform. Email us at [email protected] for the link.

January 31, 2022, 7pm
written by Ron Burch
Leonardo DaVinci falls for a woman with a mysterious smile. There’s only one problem: she’s married.

March 7, 2022, 7pm
written by David Hanson
directed by Stan Levin
Two single people begin a most interesting relationship because it only happens 12 minutes at a time – the 12 minutes that covers each intermission during a season of theater at a local regional playhouse.

May 9, 2022, 7pm
written by Nandita Shenoy
When Toni, Maria, and Aditi arrive at the Future is Freedom Retreat, they don’t know quite what to expect, but their fearless guide Lois is eager to share her plan to take back the power from conservative forces in government. Set in the not-too-distant future, “Baby Camp” asks whether adopting the playbook of the opposition is really the path to freedom and whether power is worth any cost.

June 6, 2022, 7pm
written by John Morogiello
A tragedy with jokes set in Maryland shortly after the Civil War. Two businessmen try to force a waterman off his land to make a killing on a railroad venture. But the waterman plans to make a killing of his own.

The company is also streaming Roaring, Stories I May Not Tell, I Know Jack, and their 5th Annual New Plays/New Voices Festival. You can find all other show information on their website. Please consider making a donation to Best Medicine Rep online.

Brave Soul Collective makes its 2020 return with the premiere of an all new virtual production, Question Marks – which specifically tackles the current state of affairs in the US, with the murders of black people at the hands of police and the overall need to address anti-blackness, systemic racism and police brutality. Join BSC as they unveil this collection of timely, raw, thought-provoking performance pieces which all beg for answers to one piercing, imperative question – HOW DID WE GET HERE? This show is available to stream on their website.

Brian Feldman’s critically acclaimed, award-winning production, #txtshow (on the internet), continues its virtual world tour. This LIVE, interactive performance takes place on Zoom, originating from his home in Cleveland Park, DC. Upcoming performances as part of the BorderLight Festival (July 22-31), Camden Fringe (August 2-29), Hollywood Fringe (August 9-29), Boulder Fringe (August 13-22), Edinburgh Festival Fringe (August 24), Tallinn Fringe (August 30 & September 6), Sydney Fringe (September 1-29), Philadelphia Fringe (September 9-27), and Melbourne Fringe (September 30-October 16), with the grand finale set for RhizomeDC (November 2). Brian is also virtually touring VFF, a modified social distancing version of his one-on-one BFF experience, taking place over FaceTime as part of the Great Salt Lake Fringe (July 29-August 8), Minnesota Fringe (August 5-15), Sydney Fringe (September 1-30), Philadelphia Fringe (September 9-October 2), KeyBank Rochester Fringe (September 14-25), and Melbourne Fringe (September 29-October 16). You can find more info on the Brian Feldman Projects Facebook page.

Chamber Dance Project’s newest film is available to stream on their website. Keep an eye on their website for details, or call 202-499-2297 for more information. Please consider an online donation to Chamber Dance Project.

CityDance has transferred its intensives online. To learn more about CityDance’s online programming, contact Megan Piluk, CityDance Senior Manager of External Relations, at [email protected].

GMU’s Center for the Arts is offering paid digital performances. Click for details.

The Clarice will be producing online performances. You can watch online when they are available via their Vimeo site.

You can find info about all Compass Rose Theater events on their website.







Constellation Theatre Company brings you a streaming run of Moon Man Walk through September 12. A sweet, soulful, and often surprising tale that transports us to the moon and back. Spencer, an aspiring writer living in California, returns to his boyhood home in Philadelphia after the sudden death of his devoted single mother Esther. There, he stumbles upon a letter that shatters the elaborate fantasy Esther had concocted concerning the whereabouts of her son’s estranged father. Journeying through Spencer’s childhood memories as he reckons with the mysteries of his past, Moon Man Walk reminds us that even in the darkest corners of the universe, love and light persist. by James Ijames, direction by Angelisa Gillyard.

​Upcoming Production: Mysticism & Music – November 2 – 21

Captivating music, movement, and spoken word merge in this world premiere piece inspired by sacred texts from around the world. Longtime collaborators Tom Teasley, Allison Stockman and A.J. Guban are joined by Chao Tian in this original piece exploring ancient spiritual literature, poetry, and folklore from around the globe. Following their Helen Hayes Award-nominated collaboration on 2019’s The White Snake, the award-winning musical duo of Teasley and Tian will compose and perform a propulsive new soundscape powered by a cross-cultural fusion of exuberant percussion and Chinese dulcimer. Singers and dancers join this multidisciplinary group of collaborators to take audiences on a transcendent journey, awakening your senses with spectacular sound, imagery, and light. An original story created by Tom Teasley, Chao Tian, Allison Arkell Stockman and A.J. Guban. Tickets:


You can find all info about CATF on their website.

You can find info about all Convergence Theatre events on their facebook page.

You can find out about all Creative Cauldron events on their website.

Dance Place event info is on their website. Please consider supporting Dance Place with a donation at their website.

Edge of the Universe Players 2 presents their version of the BBC audio play ‘Laughter in the Shadow of the Trees’ by James Prideaux September 1 – 30. The play, first published in 1996, revolves around a successful literary critic suffering from Alzheimer’s, and the struggle his wife and daughter face with their loyalty to a father who still has flashes of brilliance, alternating with severe dementia. The play features David Bryan Jackson as the critic Martin, Sarah Marshall as Felicia, his devoted wife, and Holly Twyford as Jan, the much affected daughter. Details about all events can be found on their website.

Encore Stage and Studio is offering virtual and in-person classes. You can see all details on their website.

You can find out about all Encore Creativity for Older Adults Encore Creativity for Older Adults programs on their website.

You can find out about all Everyman Theatre streaming productions on their website.

The organization is also now offering new Virtual Field Trips, an initiative that bridges the need for compelling and essential stories with the new reality of digital classrooms.

Faction of Fools presents Bean & Widge Go to the Park! Bean is well meaning but chaotic. Widge is small but chock-full of gumption. They’ve come to Glen Echo Park to work on a school science assignment, but before they can even read it, it is ripped into pieces and blown across the park! Bean and Widge search the park for the missing pieces, and along the way meet new friends (fuzzy and human alike!), learn how they can make a difference in the fight against climate change, and become best friends. Join Faction of Fools in collaboration with Adventure Theatre for this heartfelt and silly digital production performed in the style of “clown” (a close cousin to Commedia dell’Arte) that introduces climate change to kiddos (and many adults) with a spirit of accessibility and hope.

Created and written by Faction of Fools Co-Artistic Directors Francesca Chilcote and Kathryn Zoerb, Bean & Widge is performed in the clowning style with puppets generously provided by The Puppet Co in Glen Echo Park. The cast stars Chilcote and Zoerb, whose childhood nicknames were Bean and Widge, as the titular characters along with puppeteer Rj Pavel who brings to life the creatures of Glen Echo Park. Teen climate activist Abigail Stark, who assisted in the writing process, is featured in the film as the character “Abigail”, and breaks down the science behind climate change with clarity and accessibility. The production team is rounded out with energetic editing by Andres Alejandro Ponce, playful original music composition by Jesse Terrill, and camera work and puppet consultation, including the creation of Wally, by Matthew Pauli.

The company also brings back their Foolish Fridays video series. More FOF events details will be available through their facebook page.

December features lots of free, virtual theater events, including insightful interviews, amazing play readings, artsy scavenger hunts, and star-studded galas. Plus, theater-goers in some parts of the country can check out in-person experiences and productions. Here’s a look at what the Folger’s theater partners are up to this month. Where to Watch Shakespeare

Folger has compiled this helpful list of all the classic films now available for free on streaming services. They have made a free streaming video of their 2008 production of Macbeth available at the Folger website – please donate if you can.

Folger Consort event info is on their website.

Ford’s Theatre event info is available on their website. In addition, Ford’s is offering virtual play readings. You can watch the readings on their website, Facebook LiveYouTube or Twitter.

You can find all event info from The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC on their website at

MU’s new online platform Mason Arts at Home offers a diverse array of curated virtual programming. You can find more details on the GMU website.

You can find info about Georgetown’s online events on their facebook page.

MEL GILPIN as Host/Laurine/Agnes, STU FISCHER as Frank, DAN MACMILLAN as Boss/Sergeant, JACKIE YOUM as Korlanovitch/Drunk, JEFF PORETSKY as Charlie, PATRICK PRUITT as Logic, JACK B LEVINE as Mike/Bartender, JILL VANDERWEIT as Buddy/Wife/Gert, and ZOE NORTHRUP as Freddie.

Happenstance Theater presents The Picnics: A Nitwit Diptych, a new short film created by Mark Jaster & Sabrina Mandell of Happenstance Theater and videographer Sharon Crissinger, with original music by David Ranger. The Picnics is a little foray into the classic silent film idiom, but without adhering to all the rules. Two “upper-crusties” and a pair of bohemians picnic in a park and things don’t go exactly as planned. Mark and Sabrina play both Joe and Rosie (The “Bohemians”) and Cousin Ainsley and Auntie Gertrude (The “Upper Crusties”). It was all filmed on location at the Happenstance Atelier in Rockville MD. You can find all Happenstance Theater event info on their website.

You can find all info about The Hylton Performing Arts Center on their website.

Imagination Stage is offering classes online with a full selection of creative and interactive experiences. Families interested in registering can learn more and sign up online at or by contacting the Registrar at You also can find Imagination Stage Brain Breaks on their Facebook live, a Build Your Own Castle Model video on their site, and Imagination Challenges on their Facebook Watch page. Please consider making a donation to help keep these programs going.

INSeries is also doing what they can to bring lively entertainment and activities from their stable of incredible artists. Offerings feature digital opera, including their season opener Butterfly, now available. You can request access via a form online. They also recently released Here Be Sirens – request access via a form here. They have also launched Cocktail Concerts. Hosted and curated by the performers themselves, they celebrate the power of music and the arts to transcend circumstances and unite creators and audiences in spite of distance. Be delighted and comforted by favorite tunes old and new right from the home of your favorite artists. In addition, The INSeries blog has new podcasts coming out all the time. Access the newest episode on their website. As Rigoletto was unable to move forward, the cast has made videos available in order to raise funds. You can view “Quarantetto” or “Send In the Clowns” online now. If you can, please consider making a donation to the Rigoletto Artist Compensation Fund online.

JFD has performances available on Demand. Stop by the website for shows from Capital Fringe, Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival, spoken word, and visual art collaborations, as well as lively family-friendly performances.

JFD has also launched the “Keep Artists Employed” Artist Support Fund to help offset the loss of income due to cancelled rehearsals, residencies, after school programs, projects and performances. 100{f324a8215c3777a419a2115d6d9d8525316dffed3dbd6a459ccd69cb53b21224} of the proceeds goes directly to artists.

Joe’s has online classes available in yoga, tap, and belly dance. You can find out info about all classes on their website.


The Keegan Theatre hosts Family Story Corner as part of PLAY-RAH-KA, also has online opportunities for young people of all ages to be creative and have fun with theatre and storytelling from home! PRK has always been rooted in helping young people discover their authentic voices and express themselves creatively. During this period of quarantine and isolation from friends and arts influences, PRK seeks to provide opportunities for young people to use their imagination, practice creative play, and create a world with friends across the digital sphere. LEARN MORE ABOUT PRK. If you have questions about Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA or any of these online opportunities, please email [email protected]

Audiences can discover a wide range of at-home programming through the Kennedy Center at Home website. Arts Across America, a collaboration with arts organizations from coast to coast, the series presents free, online programming available on Facebook Live, YouTube, and on their website, five days a week at 4 p.m. ET.

New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Mo Willems presents his education page, with Democracy Doodle, The Small Works Project, The Yo-Yo Mo Show, Thank You Thursdays, and Lunch Doodles, available on the Kennedy Center website.

Digital Stage brings you extraordinary performances from the Kennedy Center’s stages and beyond, with new releases daily. Millennium Stage lives on with online encore performances – an archive of hundreds of past performances can be accessed through the Kennedy Center website. And for the millions of students, parents, and teachers looking for ways to learn and grow at home, Kennedy Center Education offers informative and engaging Digital Learning resources.

Couch Concerts help inspire, uplift, heal, and bring the performing arts from the homes of artists into homes across the country and around the world during these difficult times. For 23 years, Millennium Stage has brought free performances to audiences in person at the Center and virtually through a livestream. The Kennedy Center will now stream concerts direct from artists’ homes on the Kennedy Center website at 4 p.m. ET every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the Center remains closed, due to COVID-19. To access the livestream or for more information and the latest Couch Concerts schedule, visit the Couch Concerts page of the Kennedy Center website.

MET is offering access to a database of scripts from past productions, along with an opportunity to rent videos from their vault.

Please make your tax-deductible donation through this secure link or send a check to MetroStage, P.O. Box 1152, Alexandria, VA 22313.

You can find all streaming productions from Monumental Theatre Company on their website.

Mosaic presents Keffiyeh: Made in China streaming – all webisodes are available to view by purchasing a package. Ramallah-based playwright DaliaTaha’s utterly distinct slices of Palestinian life are at times unsettling, heartbreaking, and humorous – as parents, lovers, sisters and friends cope with a decades-long occupation. These exquisite short plays explore how the most intimate of relationships are infiltrated by colonization and displacement. You can find info about all Mosaic Theatre Company productions on their website.

You can find info about all National Chamber Ensemble events on their website.

In the weeks to come, National Philharmonic will post short pieces recorded by its musicians on social media. The program “Musical Notes” taps into cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s call that musicians – of all levels – around the world join him in offering “Songs of Comfort”. View Musical Notes here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

NOW will produce a new array of content, designed to foster empathy, explore intellect, build friendships, and create the version of society that we want to live in, even when we are apart. Offerings include artist music recommendations, artist spotlights, guided meditations, and living room concerts as well as streamed archived shows. Check it out on their website, and please consider making a donation.

You can find all NextStop Theatre Company event info on their website.

Olney Theatre Center features Music Mondays on their Facebook page, with various musical guests playing virtual sets. You can find info about all Olney Theatre Center events on their website.

Opera Nova is now streaming the concert Celebrating African-American Opera Singers: Past and Present online on YouTube.

You can find info about Peace Mountain Theatre Company here. ​Please consider donating to PMTC. This will help them to continue producing the quality productions that have been a trademark over the years. To stay up-to-date on the latest PMTC activities, check out Peace Mountain Theatre Company’s website, Facebook and YouTube.

Pipeline Playwrights presents A Very Present Presence on demand 9/24 – 9/26. In this positively magical comedy, Alice’s mid-life crisis is interrupted by her long-dead great-aunt. You’ll join them both on a journey through time, encountering ghosts, young love, craven lobbyists, protesting feminists, and tricky family relationships along the way.
You can find more info about all events on the Pipeline Playwrights website.

Pointless Theatre is streaming shows on their Vimeo page, including King Ubu – a new translation of Ubu Roi, a play that has been sticking its tongue out at politics, war, and theatre orthodoxy since its premiere in 1896. Hilarious, violent, and absurd, King Ubu promises audiences lowbrow humor, ludicrous language, and full-bore puppet carnage all wrapped up into a funhouse take on Macbeth and the classical tragedy. You can watch here.

They are also offering Canterbury. In this delightfully raunchy puppet adaptation of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, a handful of medieval drunkards share their wild and wonderful tales of the Middle Ages, accompanied by live musicians. Come raise a glass in the name of promiscuity, puppets and pints. You can find more info on PT’s Vimeo site.

Pointless also features Doctor Caligari, Don Cristobal, and .d0t: A Rotoplastic Ballet on their Vimeo site.

You can find all event info for Prologue Theatre on their website.

Rapid Lemon Productions brings you a season virtually and in person.

Rachel – September 10–26
One of the forebears of the Harlem Renaissance, Angelina Weld Grimké wrote Rachel in 1916 as a defiant reply to the recent release of DW Griffith’s film ‘Birth of a Nation.’ Originally titled Blessed are the Barren, the play centers on a Black woman who rejects marriage and motherhood after learning a horrible family secret. It was first produced in Washington, DC by the NAACP, and published in 1920. Baltimore playwright Aladrian C. Wetzel’s new adaptation is her second commissioned play for Rapid Lemon Productions, after 2019’s acclaimed Thank You, Dad. Rachel is a scalding view of racism, personal loss, and the high price of truth.

Variations on Holidays – December 3–19, 2021
For its 17th annual production, the region’s original ten-minute play festival has chosen the winter holidays as its theme! Audiences will see a select group of world premiere short plays by local authors, and vote to pick the theme for Variations 2022. Plays will be developed following the annual Variations Party, planned for May 15. Prior experience is not required to participate, and like all of the company’s artists, playwrights whose works are chosen for production will receive a small stipend. More information is available here.

You can find out about all productions on their website.

Information about all RCP productions can be found on their website.

You can find out about all Rep Stage productions on their website.

You can find out about all Round House Theatre productions on their website. RHT is streaming Homebound, an original webseries that explores life under Stay-at-Home orders in the Nation’s Capital. The ten-episode series is available to stream on their YouTube channel. Please consider making a donation to Round House Theatre online. 

You can find out about all Rude Mechanicals offerings on their website.

You can find all info about Scena Theatre events on their website.

STC presents All The Devils Are Here: How Shakespeare Invented The Villain. Macbeth. Iago. Claudius. STC Affiliated Artist Patrick Page invites you to experience the evolution of evil in Shakespeare’s villains—from rogues and cutthroats to tyrants and sociopaths. A Tony Award nominee for his “electrifyingly maleficent Hades” in Hadestown (The New York Times) and lovingly nicknamed “The Villain of Broadway” (Playbill) for his delicious Broadway performances in Saint Joan, Casa Valentina, and Cyrano de Bergerac, Patrick Page explores how Shakespeare created the treacherous characters we all love to hateThis mesmerizing one-man performance is available online only, and STC subscribers will have the exclusive opportunity to talk directly with Patrick in a special live, post-show conversation. **Please note: The streaming link is available for 72 hours after purchase. If you wish to view the performance at a later date, please wait until you are ready to watch to make your purchase.*

Detroit ‘67 – through September 16

Winner of the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama, this thought-provoking, resonant play sizzles to the soundtrack of the 1960s. In 1967 Detroit, Motown has hit its groove and the Poindexter siblings, Chelle and Lank, make ends meet by hosting parties in their basement. However, Lank and his friend Sly have dreams beyond the cellar shindigs—despite Chelle’s resistance. When Lank then brings home a mysterious white woman, the family’s simmering disagreements explode—as their streets erupt in riots—and life becomes a lot more dangerous. By Dominique Morisseau.

You can also catch up with talented artists in The Signature Show. They have recently released the seventh episode of this free biweekly half-hour digital experience featuring performances by acclaimed artists, interviews, celebration of new musical voices and memories of Signature’s past and a glimpse into its future. All episodes can be found on Signature Theatre’s YouTube Channel @sigtheatre ( View Episode 7 of The Signature Show at – Watch for a new show every other Thursday on their YouTube channel. Please consider making an online donation to Signature.

Check the Silhouette Stages website for all event details.

You can find info about all Silver Spring Stage events on their website.

Solas Nua’s events are all listed on their website. Please consider making a donation.

You can find all streaming productions from Spooky Action Theater on their website.

All event info is available on the Step Afrika! website.

The Cast of Godspell, 2021. Alan Price Photography.

Sterling Playmakers brings you Godspell streaming through September 19th. You can buy tickets on their website. Based primarily on the Book of Matthew, Godspell focuses on eight strangers, all from different walks of life, coming together to tell the lessons and parables of Jesus Christ through improvisation, various games, storytelling techniques and a hefty dose of comic timing. By the end of the show, which features a reenactment of the Last Supper and Crucifixion, the strangers learn to carry Jesus’ message of kindness, tolerance, and love. Featuring a score from Stephen Schwartz (famous for Pippin, The Prince of Egypt, and Wicked) with various contemporary genres from pop to rock and gospel to vaudeville, this show has made a lasting impression on American musical theatre since its New York premiere in 1971, and later film version in 1973. The version of the script Sterling Playmakers will produce comes from the 2011-2012 Broadway revival, which masterfully injects this story with contemporary references and dazzling new music arrangements. When the show premiered in 1971, our country was divided. We had the Vietnam War and counterculture movement, which was highly politicized and a moment of social tension in our American history. It feels right to set the show in today’s time as we seem to be in need of healing during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the same unresolved social issues. Our group of strangers will begin the show divided in a black and white world as masked protesters during the pandemic. It’s not until the entrance of Jesus that they begin to be in a world of color. Through the teachings of Jesus, they learn to come together and build a beautiful city of man, and spread the message of tolerance, compassion, and love.

From weekly live streamed music concerts and family jam sessions to virtual book clubs and art gallery tours, Strathmore has transitioned to find ways to connect audiences with the arts and with each other online. Live from the Mansion is a virtual concert series that brings inspiring music and insightful conversation together in the Mansion at Strathmore. Each week, host Christylez Bacon joins us for performances in a variety of genres and helps us get to know some of the best artists from the DC area—all from Strathmore’s renowned Artist in Residence program. Tune into Strathmore’s Facebook page Wednesdays at 7:30pm to catch the premiere of each episode. For more info on all programs, please visit the Strathmore website or their facebook page.

Studio Acting Conservatory offers online classes. This semester features classes on Irish playwrights and new workshops on the art of drag, executive public speaking, foundations of musical theater, self-taping for auditions, and devising theater today. Follow this link for info on Classes.

You can find out about all Studio Theatre productions on their website.

Synetic Theater‘s online productions on their new streaming platform include:

The Trial
Picture this: A 30-year-old man going about his day, when suddenly without cause or warning, he is arrested while at work. Two unidentified agents from an unknown agency arrest this man for an unspecified crime. Follow the struggles of “K” and his encounters with the invisible Law and the untouchable Court. Oh, and there are bugs. Lots of bugs. (Recommended for Ages 17 and up)

See the production that started it all! This first installment of Synetic’s wordless Shakespeare series was originally performed at the Church Street Theater with Paata Tsikurishvili in the role of Hamlet and Irina Tsikurishvili in the role of Ophelia. Inspired by Hamlet’s own last words of the play, this Helen Hayes award-winning production is a visceral, stripped down take on the story of Shakespeare’s tragic prince.

Richard 3.0
As our physical and cyber worlds become more entwined – our lives as a whole more automated and impersonal – do we lose connection and empathy? What happens when technology obscures our own humanity and the humanity of those around us? Highlighting the terrifying extremes made possible through the abuse of modern technology, the 14th installment in Paata Tsikurishvili’s Shakespeare Series explores King Richard III’s Machiavellian rise to power in a movement-driven and action-packed display of stunning physicality and powerful visuals.

The Tempest
When the magical and powerful Prospera creates a sea storm, she gets more than she bargained for as romantic drama, deception, and quests for vengeance emerge from the depths. In Synetic’s production, a 1200-square-foot pool takes center stage, providing a dynamic and dazzling medium through which to bring Shakespeare’s characters to emotional life. This recording was originally intended for archival purposes. We are thrilled to offer you a glimpse into our archives and the chance to relive amazing theatrical experiences! Please enjoy the show!

Beauty and the Beast
This fresh adaptation of Beauty and the Beast is a sparkling and inspiring Gothic romance full of wonder, mystery, and redemption told through Synetic’s unique stage effects, puppetry and movement.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Synetic brings a mind-bending, cinematic style to Victor Hugo’s gothic, heartbreaking epic of inner beauty and undying loyalty. When the beguiling dancer Esmerelda captures the heart of the deformed bell-ringer Quasimodo, his adoptive father, the priest Frollo, decides he wants her for himself – plunging all of Paris into a spiral of riots, revolution, and murder.

The Phantom of the Opera
Gaston Leroux’s timeless supernatural classic gets a fresh update as Irina Tsikurishvili brings her captivating presence and virtuosic skill sets to the title character of The Phantom of the Opera in this all-new, movement-driven adaptation. When tragedy strikes, a talented but now scarred ballerina takes refuge deep beneath the Paris Opera House. Years later, she becomes enraptured with the ingenue Christine in the corp de ballet. Known only as the Phantom, she terrorizes the opera house and manipulates Christine, cultivating her talent and demanding she be cast in more prominent roles. Synetic’s adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera will honor the pathos and beauty of this classic French tale while examining longing, legacy, and the tragedy of unrealized dreams.

The Adventures of Peter Pan
Take flight to Neverland with Peter Pan, his Lost Boys and the Darling children! In this magical place filled with fairies, pirates, and mermaids, Peter Pan and crew will battle the delightfully sinister Captain Hook with acrobatics that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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Passing the Love of Women.

Theater J presents the Israeli Theater Collection, an exclusive collection of filmed Israeli theater productions with English-language captions. The collection runs the range of Israeli theater, from the acclaimed Gesher Theater to independent projects, each with its own unique story, style, and view of Israeli culture and society. These productions were filmed pre-COVID and represent some of the breadth and diversity in both content and aesthetics of contemporary Israeli theater. Each can be rented for home viewing, exclusively through Theater J. The collection promises to keep growing, as we’re in constant discussion with Israeli theaters and producers about adding more plays for you to enjoy. So come back often, spread the word, and enjoy some of the wide and diverse range of the Israeli theater.

Offerings include:
The DybbukGesher Theater
Whistle, My Mother Was Mengele’s SecretaryHadar Galron
Revolutionaries’ WivesEnsemble Aspamia
Passing the Love of WomenBeit Lessin Theater
The Rain and the WindNephesh Theatre and Haifa Theatre
It Sounds Better in AmharicNephesh Theatre

Theater J is also offering a variety of online classes taught by awesome Theater J artists. Classes start on staggered dates. Check out all the offerings on their website.

Yiddish Theater Lab is Theater J’s on-going initiative dedicated to preserving and reviving the forgotten literature of the Yiddish Theater. Join them as directors and playwrights uncover and re-interpret nearly-forgotten Yiddish classics in new English language readings, workshops, commissions, and eventually productions. See their website for details.

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Tonic Theater Company has a full slate of digital offerings available, free of charge.

Keeping Live Theatre Alive, a series of brief readings by stars from theater, film, and TV, that will continue for the next several months. The readings bring the arts to people’s homes to highlight the importance of keeping local theater alive. The first installments include Tony Shalhoub, Kim Brockington, Dan Lauria, and Alfred Molina, among others.

Tonic will continue its programming in advance of its planned production of Reykjavik, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes, in May of 2021. The Makers: Reykjavik is a series of discussions about the Cold War and its legacy of nuclear weapons, features artists in conversation with the diplomats, policymakers, scientists, and others who shaped Cold War history. The Road To Reykjavik, the podcast is also available now. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Tonic here.

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UrbanArias will present Driving While Black through October 31st. This solo performed work is constructed out of two interwoven strands, one personal, one external. In the central narrative, we meet the Mother: a baby is born to happy parents; she frets at the father to put the all-important car seat in the back seat of the car properly. From here on, she relates to the child first in its seat facing backward in the back of the car, then facing forward, then eventually the child sits next to her in the front seat on the passenger side. This is how Time is marked; the car is ever the center of their lives. The Mother scenes move forward in time from the beginning to the end of the piece. Threaded between these scenes, punctuating them, are telegraphic vignettes of contemporary news bulletins or personal stories introduced in spoken words. The Singer performs many characters relating to specific but generic events. These all describe, without comment, the dangerous world beyond the Mother’s control, and the increasing anxiety building up in her mind as her “beautiful brown boy” approaches manhood and his much-desired independence.

Composed by Susan Kander – Libretto by Roberta Gumbel – Starring Karen Slack – Directed and Choreographed by Du’Bois & Camry A’Keen of A’KEEN Brand. You can view more details on the UrbanArias site.

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WIT is providing live streamed videos of their improv shows on their site. You can also check their Classes page for updated online offerings.

Washington Performing Arts will share programs on its websiteFacebook page, and YouTube channel. Find out more about productions on their website.

Washington Stage Guild presents Dear Liar 9/29 – 10/3, a work perfectly suited to an online format. Following its well-received streamed performances of George Bernard Shaw’s Don Juan in Hell, The Devil’s Disciple, and How He Lied to Her Husband, WSG offers a play that explores the private life of its “house playwright,” Dear Liar by Jerome Kilty, adapted from the correspondence between Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell. To view this unique performance, patrons can go to Washington Stage Guild’s event page at and follow the prompts to obtain a free ticket good for watching anytime during a 48-hour rental period. You can find out about Washington Stage Guild events on their website.

Washington Revels programming info is available on their website. Events also include the monthly Community Sing on the 21st of every month. Participation is free, and more details are at

We Happy Few Productions brings you Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Dancing Men. Presented as an audio drama, the mystery will be accompanied by a mail-out experience that puts you on the case with the famous detectives.  Examine the clues, read the dossiers, and step into the world of Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. John Watson as they take on one of their most dangerous and intriguing cases. When drawings of dancing men begin to appear mysteriously at Ridling Thorpe Manor, what first appears to be a practical joke becomes more serious, and ultimately more deadly. Sherlock and Watson must crack the code, catch the killer, and untangle a dangerous secret before it’s too late. See their website for more details, and to order now.

WHF also brings you four tales of terror spread over two audio broadcasts. In the first episode, enjoy the festival spirit as long as you dare with The Masque of the Red Death and The Cask of Amontillado. Episode two will take you to dark, confined spaces – both physical and mental – with The Tell-Tale Heart and The Premature Burial. Rent A Midnight Dreary Audio Drama here.

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Wolf Trap Opera has launched a new streaming platform that includes a 2019 version of Ariadne auf Naxos, and an audio recording of the 2018 performance of Bernstein’s Songfest in collaboration with the National Orchestral Institute + Festival, and their friends at Naxos. Please consider making a donation to Wolf Trap.

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Young Playwrights’ Theater brings you Play Writing Workshops for Adult Writers. Learn more and enroll today: