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Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty Halberd information

Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty gives all kinds of weapons to prevail in fight eventualities. Those that choose to maintain their enemies at a distance can resort to Halberd, a wonderful mixture of long-range effectivity and heavy harm.

Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty has three Halberds: Bronze Halberd, Cavalry Halberd and Sky Piercing Halberd. Gamers can leverage the long-range swings and distinctive Martial Artwork Prancing Dragon related to Sky Piercing Halberd. The opposite two Halberds may be bundled with randomly assigned Martial Arts.

Halberd Martial Arts, movesets, and beneficial construct in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty


Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty is the newest motion RPG that options tough boss battles and enemy encounters. The sport compensates for the nail-biting problem with a slew of weapons that provide a wide range of movesets and particular assaults referred to as Martial Arts. Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty options spells that can be utilized to even the chances if used successfully.

Halberd Martial Arts and movesets

Halberd is efficient at lengthy vary and can be utilized to break enemies considerably. This makes it a wonderful weapon for novices as they will maintain a protected distance from vicious enemies. Those that want to go for a defensive technique may depend on Halberd.


The next are the Martial Arts related to it:

  • Dragon Flash: This particular assault culminates right into a spinning hit that damages the enemy surrounding the gamers and ends with a robust ahead blow.
  • Dragon Slayer: Gamers resorting to this assault will soar excessive within the air and land with a strong Halberd slam onto the bottom.
  • Dragontail Whip: One can unleash a spinning assault that hits all the encompassing enemies.
  • Horn Strike: This distinctive Martial Artwork allows gamers to stab the enemy’s toes after which ship heavy harm by dislodging the Halberd upward.
  • Iron Calf: The in-game character raises the Halberd excessive within the air after which slams it onto the bottom.
  • Marching Dragon: This assault advances the participant ahead whereas the Halberd is swung rapidly twice and adopted up with one massive sweep. The final hit of Marching Dragon serves as a sturdy ending blow to weaker enemies.
  • Wyvern Claw: Opposite to a defensive technique, one can pull an enemy nearer utilizing Wyvern Claw assault, whereby the tip of the Halberd latches onto an enemy and pulls it nearer.

Sky Piercing Halberd has a novel Martial Artwork tied to it referred to as the Prancing Dragon. This particular transfer leads to a horizontal slice adopted by a high-intensity downward Halberd swing.

The next are a bunch of movesets that one can execute with Halberd:

  • Gamers can leverage the fast assault that includes three to 4 swings of Halberd. This has an extended winding time than some weapons however is price utilizing in opposition to weaker enemies.
  • One can mix the above sample with a spirit assault which performs out very like the fast assault however ends with a ahead thrust that offers vital harm.
  • To avoid wasting time or to merely poke an enemy in a jiffy, gamers can use solely the spirit assault which is a fast upward slash from the Halberd.
  • The soar assault leads to one small horizontal swing. One can execute a soar spirit assault to slam the Halberd on an enemy.
  • Halberd can be utilized to carry out a touch assault that begins with a ahead poke, after which the in-game character swings the Halberd twice to finish the assault with one last slash.
  • Halberd’s dodge assault is extraordinarily helpful because it permits gamers to step again and cost with a ahead blow that has a great attain.

Halberd construct advice


Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty gives super flexibility for gamers to experiment with their very own builds. Subsequently, the construct mentioned on this article is a advice and one of many many doable builds that may improve Halberd. The sport includes a Advantage system together with spells which are categorized into Hearth, Water, Wooden, Earth, and Steel.

Halberds are oriented in the direction of the Water Advantage in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty and profit from the Water spells. Gamers can use Obscuring Frost or Unseeable Type in the event that they plan for a defensive strategy to fight. It’s a Water spell that turns the in-game character invisible for some time.

Those that discover Halberd too gradual for his or her playstyle can use the Alacrity Haste spell to extend their motion velocity and use Frost Lance spell to hurl icicles at their goal.

Nonetheless, gamers with Sky Piercing Halberd will profit from a Hearth Advantage construct. Hearth spells like Amplify Harm, Blasting Flare, and Flame Weapon work nicely in tandem with Sky Piercing Halberd.

Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty is a strong motion RPG, à la the Nioh collection. As evidenced by pretty constructive critiques, followers of Bloodborne, Darkish Souls trilogy, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are having a good time on this high-intensity recreation set in The Three Kingdoms Period.

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