WTF: Wanderlei Silva watches fake No-Touch martial artist get exposed by MMA fighter

WTF: Wanderlei Silva watches fake No-Touch martial artist get exposed by MMA fighter

Welcome back, young ones. We have got violence of all stripes for your perusal and some odd relics of the previous as nicely. Not only that, but there is some great system on display screen, to boot.

We start with a traditional of all martial arts movies, the Kiai master that got busted open by an MMA master. In what was a great confluence of bad Bullshido instructor videos and MMA shaking the desk and modifying the landscape for coaching anticipations, it was a basic but surprising movie to witness in its working day.

Jerry from Fight Commentary Breakdowns gets into it at the start in this video, but to recap: a no-touch master recognized a obstacle from a male that had true sparring working experience and uncovered that he was in truth quite able of being touched. And boy howdy, did my mans get touched.

But did you know there was another obstacle movie?

Turns out the exact same dude experienced one more challenge acquire location 5 years later on, and he came again with much better… vitality. Footage is presented here from a Japanese recreation exhibit that experienced the no-contact learn in a challenge match versus an MMA fighter in a Sumo obstacle. Pleasure legend Wanderlei Silva also happened to be in attendance in all of this.

Slight spoiler: the magic things doesn’t work. It is not as terrible or as graphic as the to start with 1, but if I ever get to that age and have interaction in everything even 30{99d7ae7a5c00217be62b3db137681dcc1ccd464bfc98e9018458a9e2362afbc0} as goofy as this, make sure you institutionalize me. There’s no reason for a gentleman with a family members to embarrass himself like this in front of thousands and thousands.

Subsequent up, Dambe Warriors provides us what they’ve billed as their bloodiest battle nonetheless. There’s a fair total of clinchwork early in this one particular, and a ton of strikes thrown and landed. Even with the title, not as bloody as I predicted, but your mileage may range:

Karate Combat is about to return in the up coming few months, but until then, we’ve received the quickest knockout in the organization’s short record:

Even caught him on the way down. They go hard in this league, guy.

Courtesy of SamboFIAS, here’s some intercontinental Sambo highlights:

We’ve also bought some Sumo to scratch the itch, courtesy of YouTube user DonDon. Look at out some January highlights right here:

International Lethwei Federation Japan dropped another a single. This one’s bought a ton of hands being thrown. Don’t be thrilled by the big ring and shiny lights, this is just as gritty as the scaled-down venues in Myanmar.

And to accompany that, here’s a tribute/compilation video that includes all manner of Lethwei knockouts:

Ultimately, a further foolish function to add some levity to your 7 days. Dutch ninja Titus Jansen supplied some content material for us again in the day, and seems to have fallen off the deal with of the earth. Bask in the glory that is his ninja demo reel:

The person plainly logged in a large amount of Naruto hours. The Ninja Sneak Wander is one of my personalized favorites.