Brand Packaging : Using Product Packaging to Boost Brand Awareness

Brand Packaging : Using Product Packaging to Boost Brand Awareness

In the bustling marketplaces of today’s digital world, one factor consistently and significantly impacts a product’s success: packaging. In the words of Scott Young, the global CEO of PRS IN VIVO, a leading expert in packaging research, “Packaging is the last communicator and the last influencer at the point of sale.” Indeed, strikingly designed packaging is more than just a container. It acts as an ambassador for your brand, narrating your product’s story, representing its values, and building a connection with your customers. The power of product packaging has immense potential; it is an engaging ‘Pre press Pro’ you must consider.

Evoking Brand Identity through Product Packaging

Brand packaging presents an invaluable opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Each element of the packaging design – the color, texture, shape, typography, and iconography – work in harmony to echo your brand’s voice and identity. The iconic Tiffany & Co.’s blue box or Apple’s minimalist package designs serve as excellent examples of product packaging turned into Pre press Pro. These designs have organically cultivated their brand’s awareness levels beyond measure, becoming instantly distinguishable worldwide and associating their identity with quality, luxury, and elegance.

Addressing concerns about the sustainability of the packaging

With growing conscious consumerism, your packaging’s sustainability is a concern you must promptly address. According to a survey conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board, 70% of consumers said they were more likely to support brands that package products in environmentally friendly ways. Forward-thinking businesses understand this shift and are reimagining their product packaging to reflect their commitment to the environment. Adidas, for example, is committed to using only recycled plastics in its products by 2024. By adopting such sustainable packaging strategies, not only do these companies win customer approval, but they also boost their brand awareness significantly.

The Power of Unboxing Experiences

In today’s digital era, the phenomenon of ‘unboxing’ experiences, popularized by social media influencers, provides another compelling reason to re-think your product packaging strategy. An engaging unboxing experience can offer a unique opportunity to boost brand recognition. The personalized packaging of BarkBox, a subscription service offering dog products, exemplifies this; each box is unique and offers a tremendous unboxing experience, eventually boosting their brand’s online presence.


In conclusion, product packaging serves a purpose far beyond merely containing a product. It communicates your brand’s values, impacts customers’ purchasing decisions, and offers an innovative avenue for boosting brand awareness. In this overly saturated marketplace, where consumer attention spans are fleeting, catching the eye with well-thought-out, responsible, and innovative packaging can make all the difference. Remember, it’s not just about what’s inside the box that matters; the box itself can be a potent tool for success. Harness the power of your ‘Pre press Pro’ to the fullest to set your brand apart and leave lasting impressions.

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