The blues in ‘Seven Guitars’ at Arena Stage are exhilarating

The blues in ‘Seven Guitars’ at Arena Stage are exhilarating

“My type of blues starts with disaster. It starts with the pile-age of wreckage. One particular piled on another. That is the starting position. The blues is private disaster lyrically expressed… How do you make an magnificence of attained self togetherness so that you have a adhere-to-it-ness in the confront of the catastrophic and the calamitous and the horrendous and the scandalous and the monstrous.” — Cornel West

The higher than quotation sums up the plot, the feeling, and the action of August Wilson’s Seven Guitars. Under the path of Tazewell Thompson, the creation of this participate in now at Arena Stage has a managing time of just about 3 hours. And it’s well worth just about every minute.

(Left:) Eden Marryshow, Michael Anthony Williams, Roz White, and Pleasure Jones Pleasure Jones and Eden Marryshow in ‘Seven Guitars.’ Photo by Ryan Maxwell Pictures.

Some have hypothesized that Wilson’s performs are likely to be prolonged for the reason that in its place of telling us the streamlined tale of an individual in isolation, Wilson dramatizes the symbiotic relationship concerning the individual and the modern society of which the specific is inescapably an expression and manifestation. 7 Guitars serves as a convincing demonstration of that hypothesis.

7 Guitars begins with a gathering of friends soon after the funeral of Floyd Barton (Roderick Lawrence). The occasions that direct up to Floyd’s loss of life are then informed in flashback. Floyd returns to Pittsburgh intending to rekindle his connection with his former girlfriend, Vera (Joy Jones), and return with her and his musician buddies Canewell (Michael Anthony Williams) and Pink Carter (Eden Marryshow) to Chicago, exactly where he has a tentative contract to make some recordings for Savoy Documents. Vera lives in a complex with the sisterly, if relatively bossy, Louise (Roz White) and throughout the garden from the older and to some degree traumatized Hedley (David Emerson Toney). Louise is frequented by her youthful niece Ruby (Dane Figueroa Edidi), who is pregnant and attempting to escape the attentions of jealous guys. Floyd encounters impediment soon after impediment in his initiatives to return to Chicago. In desperation to gain the cash he requires, he helps make a preference that, by a collection of linked events, potential customers to his death.

Even though musicians and musical instruments characteristic prominently in this perform (Floyd and his backup guys Canewell and Red Carter sing and perform many instances Louise opens the participate in with the captivating “If you want to attempt my cabbage” Floyd’s hit recording is performed), it is their spoken language and the way they use it that will become the show’s transcendent new music, and a demonstration of that symbiotic connection in between the individual and the community.

Director Thompson has developed an atmosphere that encourages his actors to practically bodily embody the musicality that is in the language. That embodiment demonstrates this cooperative and collective connection among Floyd, the putative protagonist of the participate in, and all of the rest of the characters in this community. That embodiment by the actors is contagious, and underneath its affect, this clearly show soars. The actors really don’t just speak their dialog, they pretty much dance it. The actors use their bodies to comprise, illustrate, contextualize, or emphasize the verbal message. It’s invigorating and reminded me of some of the jazz and blues groups and their dizzying exchanges of solos. Each individual of the actors in this creation makes pointed use of their showcased solo monologue amid the ensembles. But on opening evening, throughout Roz White’s monologue, the audience was unable to include by itself and broke into spontaneous applause before she could complete talking. The joint was jumpin’, as they say.

(Remaining:) Joy Jones and Roz White, (correct:) Dane Figueroa Edidi in ‘Seven Guitars.’ Photograph by Ryan Maxwell Pictures.

Each of the girls had their distinctive and specific expressions of sensuality. Pleasure Jones as Vera carried an accessible, unpretentious, and contained sexiness that precisely embodied the Canewell’s description: “you know how to make your mattress up substantial and turn your lamp down minimal.” Dane Figueroa Edidi as Ruby was a pleasant and continually surprising workout in prolonged brazenness. Roz White’s Louise experienced the textual content by the throat and wrapped close to her finger. And from the way that she carried herself in that glittery costume, you could see exactly where Ruby got her type sense from. Each of the adult males gave us portraits of wounded warriors. David Emerson Toney’s Hedley was by turns frightening and empathy-inducing. Michael Anthony Williams gave us a Canewell who was honest, tricky-headed, and with a fragile moi. Eden Marryshow’s Red Carter was lovable idiot and opportunist. Frederick Lawrence’s Floyd embodied determined desperation.

The set by Daniel Eastman helps make effective use of the cavernous in-the-round room of the Fichandler, producing it look homey. The set felt lived in. The costumes (Harry Nadal) have been sensual and eloquent. When everybody received dressed up to go to the nightclub to hear the guys perform, the perception of occasion-acceptable sexiness was pleasant, with every single costume amping up the titillation till Ruby’s scene-stealing entry in a hussy-purple gown.

(Still left:) Michael Anthony Williams, Roderick Lawrence, and Eden Marryshow (ideal:) Joy Jones and Roderick Lawrence in ‘Seven Guitars.’ Photo by Ryan Maxwell Images.

Just about every man in this perform has had many goals crushed by the effects of the ongoing implementation of systemic racism and white supremacy in opposition to them. Each female has expert the fallout from that deprivation in the relations they have been in a position to have with the gentlemen in their lives. Each solitary one of these persons has resisted targeting by white supremacy with continuous resourcefulness. 7 Guitars is a sort of blues that is in the end singing to us about the African American genius for acquiring a way to make a way out of no way. I did not leave this present frustrated. I remaining this clearly show exhilarated.

Managing Time: Roughly 2 several hours and 55 minutes with a 15-minute intermission

7 Guitars plays by December 26, 2021, in the Fichandler Stage at Arena Phase, 1101 Sixth Avenue SW, Washington, DC. Tickets ($105) may possibly be purchased on the web, by cell phone at 202-488-3300, or at the Arena Stage product sales place of work Tuesday via Saturday from midday until eventually 8 p.m. for cellphone buys and commencing 90 minutes prior to each individual effectiveness until finally curtain for in-man or woman buys. For facts on financial savings programs such as pay-your-age tickets, university student savings, Southwest Evenings, and hero’s discounts, visit

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Louise: Roz White
Crimson Carter (Nov. 26 – Dec. 23): Eden Marryshow
Red Carter (Dec. 24 – Dec. 26): Kevin E. Thorne II
Canewell: Michael Anthony Williams
Vera: Pleasure Jones
Hedley: David Emerson Toney
Floyd Barton: Roderick Lawrence
Announcer: Edmund Bradley
Ruby: Dane Figueroa Edidi
Vera/Ruby/Louis understudy: Renee Elizabeth Wilson
Floyd/Pink Carter/Hedley/Canewell Understudy: Kevin E. Thorne II

Director: Tazewell Thompson
Set Designer: Donald Eastman
Costume Designer.: Harry Nadal
Lighting Designer.: Robert Wierzel
Sound Designer: Fabian Obispo
Wig Designer: Anne Nesmith
Combat Director: Ron Piretti
Stage Supervisor: Marne Anderson
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Ann Mellon