Zeinep Assylbekova. What the World is Transforming Into

Zeinep Assylbekova. What the World is Transforming Into

Zeinep Assylbekova’s exhibition What the World is Transforming Into opened for viewers at Elm Hill Contemporary Art on September 2, 2023.

The paintings and drawings of Zeinep Assylbekova elude categorisation. Working in the tradition of minimalism, she creates paintings of vibrant geometric shapes that explore the process of vision. Despite the restraint and severity, the artist’s hand can be discerned in her paint application method. It is limited to stripes of colour and simple figures that float on flat fields of discreet colour. The colours are not uniform but contradictory and unpredictable. They vary in value, saturation, brightness and purity. The palette is unnatural but is open to interpretation.

At first glance, the compositions seem orderly and balanced. But on closer examination, the figures are asymmetrical, and the colours are uneven and covered with foreign inclusions. They refute uniformity. Assylbekova’s visual language is based on a calm observation of the world around her – television and computer screens, public architecture and city signs. Zeinep Assylbekova’s work focuses on the immediate act of observation rather than the indirect behaviour caused by sources.

The exhibition What the World is Transforming Into by Zeinep Assylbekova can be seen until 5 October, 2023 at Elm Hill Contemporary Art (20 Elm Hill, Norwich, NR3 1HG).

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