The 10 Worst Martial Artists In Dragon Ball, Ranked

The 10 Worst Martial Artists In Dragon Ball, Ranked

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball has grown into one of the biggest shonen action anime series of all time. One of the reasons that Dragon Ball has remained such an evergreen staple of the industry is that it knows how to expand its scope and the strength of its characters in a way that remains faithful to the core of the series.

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Dragon Ball gleefully engages in fancy energy attacks and powerful transformations, but the battles in the anime all come back to a martial arts foundation. Dragon Ball wouldn’t be where it is today without its earlier and more grounded martial arts battles, but there are plenty of characters in the series who lack the necessary fundamentals to be a great martial artist.

10 Complacency Holds Yajirobe Back From Greatness

Anime Dragon Ball Kid Goku Fights Yajirobe

Goku has encountered several prestigious martial artists across his many journeys, yet some of these figures aren’t able to keep their skills as refined as the Saiyan. Yajirobe can hold his own against Goku when he first meets him at Korin’s Tower.

Yajirobe is more powerful than the typical human, but his usefulness runs its course during Dragon Ball Z’s Saiyan Saga. Despite being handy with a sword, he’s quite cowardly and content to stay out of the spotlight. Yajirobe has the foundation to be one of Earth’s strongest humans, but he has different priorities with what he wants to do with his life.

9 Hercule Satan Loses Himself In His Artificial Public Persona

Dragon Ball has plenty of characters who are powerful enough to destroy Earth with a single attack, but there are also a handful of imposters who coast on embellished reputations rather than real skills. Hercule Satan does come from a legitimate martial arts background, something he’s been able to teach to his daughter, Videl.

However, Hercule bears a lot more in common with a professional wrestler than a superhero. Hercule leans into showmanship and pageantry, but there’s a frightened and weak individual hiding inside of his macho persona.

8 Failed Fusion Veku Can’t Make Goku And Vegeta’s Strength Work

Dragon Ball’s characters only continue to grow stronger but there are occasional situations where this immense strength isn’t enough. Fusion is a useful process that allows two individuals to combine their strength and abilities into one superior fighter. The fusion dance is a popular method, but it’s a technique that needs to be performed with perfect synchronization.

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It takes Goku and Vegeta a few attempts to perfect their fusion efforts. Before they create Gogeta, they’re forced to contend with the failed fusion, Veku. Veku is a rotund combination of these two Saiyans that technically has impressive martial arts knowledge. However, Veku’s compromised physique makes him ineffective in battle.

7 Ninja Murasaki Becomes Collateral Damage Within Red Ribbon

The original Dragon Ball pits Goku against several lighter threats as he finds his footing as a young martial artist. The Red Ribbon Army is a major step up from Goku’s previous obstacles and this entire militarized force targets the boy. Red Ribbon is made up of many eccentric warriors, some of whom are more expendable than others.

Curiously, Ninja Murasaki, who is also known as Sergeant Major Purple, is General White’s underling at Muscle Tower. Murasaki knows how to wield a blade, but ultimately doesn’t amount to much and is presumably eliminated during the destruction of Muscle Tower.

6 Nam Is An Average Fighter Who Becomes A Forgettable Foe

Anime Dragon Ball Nam Pose

Dragon Ball’s World Martial Arts Tournament became one of the franchise’s most celebrated traditions. Each edition of the competition becomes a worthwhile occasion to introduce new and dangerous fighters, as well as gauge the strength of Goku and company. Nam is a forgettable participant who makes his debut in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament against Ranfan.

Nam technically defeats his female opponent, but only through blind luck. Nam briefly holds his own against Goku and yet still pales in comparison. Nam has potential, but he’s beaten by Tien in the next tournament and later executed by Tambourine.

5 Jaco’s Galactic Patrol Training Can’t Compete With His Crippling Nervousness

Since so many malevolent tyrants threaten the safety of the universe, it’s a bit of a surprise that the Galactic Patrol doesn’t get introduced until Dragon Ball Super. This universal police force has a revered reputation. Jaco largely becomes the face of the Galactic Patrol, but he functions more as comedic relief than an intimidating officer of the law.

Jaco frequently handles the Galactic Patrol’s grunt work but when he actually confronts danger, he shifts into panic mode. Jaco brandishes a powerful raygun as a means of defense, which speaks to the ineffective nature of his martial arts talents.

4 Future Mai Leads The Resistance In Her Apocalyptic Timeline

Dragon Ball Super properly engages in nostalgia and it spends a considerable amount of time in Future Trunks’ fractured timeline. Future Trunks’ timeline contains hardened versions of many normal characters and Future Mai is the most jarring example of this.

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Standard Mai is a glorified lackey for Pilaf, but Future Mai is one of the Resistance’s strongest warriors and a vital companion to Future Trunks. Future Mai is more likely to snipe out her target than she is to launch a punch, but she still knows how to defend herself.

3 Bacterian’s Strength Lies In His Stench, Not His Martial Arts Skills

Dragon Ball’s World Martial Arts Tournaments function as fantastic opportunities to showcase some especially weird warriors. Goku and Krillin’s first foray into this competition features some very unconventional characters, with Bacterian being near the top of the list.

Bacterian has a burly physique but his leading strategy is to repel his opponents through his terrible hygiene. Accordingly, Bacterian’s actual combat skills are lacking and he depends on this gimmick to survive. Bacterian’s intense stench usually helps him secure a victory but he meets his match with Krillin, who remains immune since he technically doesn’t have a nose.

2 Ranfan Is No Martial Artist Since She Relies On A Cheap Tactic

Dragon Ball’s strongest are usually males, so it’s always extra exciting when a challenging female fighter enters the fray. Ranfan makes a name for herself in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, but not exactly for the right reasons.

Ranfan takes advantage of her feminine wiles at the expense of actual martial arts. Ranfan’s primary battle strategy is to disrobe so that her male competitors are too distracted to attack. It’s a cheap tactic and one that doesn’t even work that well after Nam eliminates her through a blind punch.

1 Monaka Is Thrust Into Greatness Despite His Complete Lack Of Ability

Anime Dragon Ball Super Monaka Glass Shards

There are all sorts of different strategies to motivate someone to work harder. The prospect of greater power is often its own reward for Goku, but Beerus creatively manipulates the Saiyan to surpass his limits through an elaborate ruse. Beerus advertises Monaka as Universe 7’s strongest fighter but in reality, he’s just a mild-mannered delivery worker.

Nevertheless, Beerus strategically pushes Monaka into the spotlight, which lights a fire under Goku. The truth about Monaka is still a secret to many, but the alien can’t help but hide his surprise whenever he awkwardly throws a punch.

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