Non-stop hilarity in ‘A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet’ at Off-Broadway’s DR2 Theatre

Non-stop hilarity in ‘A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet’ at Off-Broadway’s DR2 Theatre

Struggles with creativity, getting old in a youth-oriented modern society, and the fleeting character of fame are the underlying severe themes of A Business Jingle for Regina Comet, the to start with new musical to premiere in NYC following the eighteen-month pandemic closure, in a strictly limited engagement at Off-Broadway’s DR2 Theatre. But they are sent by a very first-level staff of Broadway alums with best comedic timing and a giggle-out-loud Millennial standpoint in 80 fast-fireplace minutes of razor-sharp wit and non-halt hilarity that glow a laser on the absurdities of chasing that elusive dream of stardom. Self-explained as “whip-sensible and stupid amusing,” the very entertaining a few-hander is not only a welcome instance of reality in marketing but also a ideal showcase for the outstanding abilities of its solid and creators.

Ben Fankhauser and Alex Wyse. Picture by Matthew Murphy.

Alex Wyse (Waitress Spring Awakening) and Ben Fankhauser (Newsies), who wrote the ebook, tunes, and lyrics, flip in stellar performances as an unnamed pair of industrial jingle writers who aspire to making “One Strike Song” that will skyrocket them from anonymity to fame. The option occurs, type of, when “world-renowned pop vocalist Regina Comet” – performed by the fabulous Bryonha Marie Parham (Prince of Broadway Reserve of Mormon) – phone calls on them to generate the 30-next titular tune for her new fragrance “Relevance” (do not skip the mock advertisement for it in the show’s Playbill application), which she hopes will reignite her fading job and carry her renewed, you know, relevance to a new more youthful audience. Unfortunately, it also will cause a rift in the writers’ shut-knit partnership.

Ben Fankhauser, Bryonha Marie Parham, and Alex Wyse. Image by Matthew Murphy.

Directed by Marshall Pailet (Who’s Your Baghdaddy?) with an eye on the rapidly-paced humor, the show is stuffed with spirited references to pop culture and Jewish lifestyle, mobile phones and social media, in sidesplitting one-liners and sight gags that retained me howling with laughter (the appear-to-daily life mobile phone connect with, in which Regina freezes, is a single of the innumerable examples of the eager write-up-modern-day comedy of this very relatable demonstrate). Together with the jokes, the terrific forged provides 20 primary melodious music with powerhouse vocals, limited harmonies, and uproarious parodic choreography by Stephanie Klemons (In the Heights Hamilton). The actors are backed on phase by a prime-notch 3-piece band, with Sherisse Rogers on bass, Rosa Avila on drums, and the irresistibly reactive new music director Alex Goldie Golden on keyboards.

The clever established style and design by Wilson Chin, sparkling lights by Aja M. Jackson, personality-correct costumes by Sarita Fellows, and spot-on seem by Twi McCallum greatly enhance the participating script, songs, and performances and the great uplifting ending that we all will need about now. If you are in the mood for a enjoyable-crammed night with some of the most impressive artists in NYC theater, do not overlook it. In the text of Wyse’s character, it’s so, um, (pause, blank glimpse) “. . . fantastic.”

Operating Time: Around 80 minutes, with no intermission.

A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet performs by way of Sunday, November 14, 2021, at the DR2 Theatre, 103 E. 15th Street, NYC. For tickets, setting up at $55, stop by the box business office (Tuesday-Sunday, midday- curtain time), phone (800) 447-7400, or go on the net. All viewers customers are demanded to display proof of comprehensive vaccination and to wear a effectively fitting mask at all instances when in the theater. These with a clinical affliction, intently held religious perception, or youngsters beneath 12 who are unable to get vaccinated should show evidence of a unfavorable check in 72 hours of attendance.