Vibrant Paintings Merge Beautiful Blooms With Female Figures

Vibrant Paintings Merge Beautiful Blooms With Female Figures

Flower Portrait Painting by Jessica Watts

Australian artist Jessica Watts celebrates all issues feminine in her series of colourful paintings. She employs a distinct collage style to fuse depictions of the feminine figure with lively blooms, botanical wallpaper types, and scenes from mother nature.

In advance of she grew to become a painter, Watts labored as an promotion art director in Sydney and New York for practically 20 many years. For the duration of this time, she gathered an array of paraphernalia with exquisite style and design, like vintage rubber stamps, wallpaper, and typography manuals. Afterwards, when Watts decided to make painting her total-time occupation, she made use of her memorabilia as the inspiration for her first inventive series.

“My paintings examine gender clichés and emphasis on the positive and the beautiful,” Watts tells My Contemporary Met. “My assortment of 1940s wallpaper was the inspiration for my collection, Wallflower, a massive team of operates that depict the female overall body immersed in equally mother nature and a frequent home decoration—wallpaper,” she carries on. “Both of these themes talk to the female, in a gorgeous and potent way.” Her other sequence, In the Raw, options the identical flower-woman-portrait mash-ups painted in oil and acrylic on hand-produced Australian hardwood timber with custom frames.

Not only does Watts rejoice female expression in her work, but she also presents it a power that it does not commonly have. “Whereas the standard plan of a wallflower is a shy girl ready to be picked out, these women are centre phase they are self-possessed, self-assured, and strong,” she describes. “I engage in with sample and brightly colored blooms and birds to accentuate the relationship with nature. Likewise, by cloaking the figures in bouquets, I attempt to seize them in a way that demonstrates that splendor is more about the concealed than the unveiled.”

You can obtain primary artwork and prints through Watts’ on line retail store, and keep up to day with her newest assignments by adhering to the artist on Instagram.

Australian artist Jessica Watts generates exquisite paintings that merge flowers with the female determine.

Flower Portrait Painting by Jessica WattsFlower Portrait Painting by Jessica WattsFlower Portrait Painting by Jessica WattsFlower Portrait Painting by Jessica WattsJessica Watts: Website | Fb | Instagram

My Modern day Achieved granted permission to feature shots by Jessica Watts.

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